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Dear brothers and sisters, the following are the latest govt anti-Covid measures:-

“ 为进一步确保人们保持距离,政府宣布工作和学校以外的聚会最多仅限10人,包括宗教场所团体活动、庆生会、婚礼和丧礼。

In order to ensure social distancing, the government is restricting the number of people gathering to 10 or less, including religious gatherings and group activities, birthdays, weddings and funerals.


Today, 24th of March, the Ministry of Health has announced that this measure will take effect on 26 March from 2359 hours until the end of next month. If the situation does not improve, these measures may be prolonged.


Our church, from this coming Sunday, will implement the following:-


牧师,外来讲员,当天崇拜主席,主席与讲员的传译和领唱是同一人(固定由黄仲伟执事担任),司琴,PA (录影音4位),管堂。

The 10 people who can turn up @ church for pre-recording of the worship service include:-

The Pastor, external speaker, chairman, interpreter for chairman, interpreter for speaker cum songleader (both undertaken by Deacon David Ng), accompanist,

4 PA personnel and church caretaker. 


The congregation at large must remain at home to participate in the pre-recorded worship service which will be streamed online at 1030hrs as per our usual time and order of worship. Please log on to the link which we will send you. Please be patient and wait for the updates. Thank you!


Evening service will also stop. Brothers and sisters in the evening service will also receive the link to go online. 


During these extraordinary times, the children will worship together with the adults, so that they may learn to worship the Lord with their respective families at home and in so doing cultivate the discipline of worshipping in adult worship service model in the future. 

其他团契/小组聚会与主日学仍然暂停,但鼓励其他团契聚会使用Zoom或Skype, 直到另行通知。

Fellowships, Sunday school and cellgroups will still stop meeting. Some fellowships may explore zoom or Skype to conduct their meetings until further notice. 


Regarding offering, we can do direct funds transfer, details will be announced!

请继续为我们国家和全球的疫情来祷告,虽然带来诸多的不便,但神要我们学习安静,耐心的等候,同时也学习休息,要知道祂是神。  —— 牧执

Please continue to pray for the pandemic situation now. Although we are inconvenienced by these circumstances, yet let us learn to be still before the Lord, patiently wait upon Him, learn to rest in Him and know that HE IS GOD. 

The Pastorate-Diaconate.